The shameful behavior of the Brazilian press in the face of global media coverage

The world reporting what is happening in Brazil and Globo, CNN, BAND, RECORD, the print media and even Jovem Pan omitting the population to report the facts.

Journalist Amanda Klein, the unfinished muse of this generation, had the audacity to call our families, children, the elderly, honorable workers on the streets, “troublemakers” accusing us of being mere undemocratic hooligans.

That constipated-faced infamous woman is a national disgrace.

She is uneducated, stripped of minimal intelligence, and with the acidity of the lack of good love, she cannot overcome her needs and starts kicking others, giving intellectual vexations live.

She deserves to be denounced as the representative of the lack of ethics and the nauseating portrait of a large part of this generation of idiots that muddy the history of Brazilian journalism, which, by the way, with honorable exceptions, was never exempt or even great.

Sorry for the tone! But if they can, not only can we, we should too!

Enough of passively listening to this snort neighing in front of us!

This cheerleader goes to the record of history with the laurel they deserve: they will be eternally decorated with halters suitable for use by a herd of donkeys, trapped in their stalls where they ruminate grudges and distort the facts, terrified of the personnel department.

Oh, unhappy life of people who are dependent on selling their souls and who do not produce anything and do not know the light of freedom or the meaning of patriotism!

Consult the international agencies mentioned below and see the seriousness of our big shit press, which now spreads its stench to the world.